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If you had a a choice, what would you choose: a "nice looking" boiler-plate website made from a template used hundreds of times or something new and unique ... something that will reflect your tastes and showcase your business?

Web Magic Design has been creating websites for more than a decade, building custom sites from the bottom up. Web Magic Design will meet your specs and most probably exceed your expectations. Visit for more information.


On the web, 90% of all website traffic comes from organic search results. That's why everyone wants their site to be #1 on Google. Web Magic's Search Engine Optimization team has placed many of its clients on Google's first page.

Visit for more information.


We'll be sharing CSS and HTML tips and tricks soon — stay tuned!


Small- to medium-cap corporations use the IRN Placement Service. Our proprietary Placement Service insures that your company's information is available to prospective investors on the financial news feeds, especially Yahoo and Google Finance.

It's a fact: investors search the web for prospective stocks to purchase. If the fundamental data is unavailable, out of date, or incorrect, chances are they'll look somewhere else. IRN's Placement Service ensures that the quote and news agencies have the latest, up-to-date information on your company.

If only one investor or firm buys your stock because of IRN's Placement Service, it could pay for itself. Don't gamble with your company's money: be sure the agencies have you covered properly.


IRN, in conjunction with, has been developing websites for professionals since 2001. Our clients have included:

stock traders capital management public relations groups State politicians
attorneys real estate psychologists physical therapy
veterans support religious/spiritual groups New Age/Wholistic products pet rescue
jewelers artists hurricane shutter contractors furniture stores
closeout companies martial arts studios thrift shops restaurants


Find out more: Give us a call at 786-290-6696 or send us an e-mail.