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Martin Magee Mooda
Hurricane of Love Cried in the Rain

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Loves in the Air Uncle Ernie
Never Disappear Guitar Man
Here We Go Again Angels
Reason to Live Oh Caroline!


Unity Miami Nights
Crusin' Walking through Walls
Angel Fingers

Generally, the music in the next three sections were written in a somewhat progressive-boderline style. It's like a journey that takes you through different landscapes. "The Islands of Pluto" is a good example of this. Patience pays. CLOSE

dimensional Journey

1 Descent into Matter 2 Dream of a Water Baby
3 Childhood 4 Found
5 Wake Up 6 Transmutation
7 Heaven on Earth 8 Going Home

Oceans of Space

Extraterrasonics View of Io
Lava Lakes of Mercury Kayla's Lunar Caves
Gardens of Saturn Islands of Pluto

The Infinite Native

Infinite_Native Slice of the Vortex
Crystal Raindrops Subterranean Fanfare
CR2R Ocean Song

ET Nature sounds (ambient)

ET: Sunset on Triton ET: Neptunian Weather
ET: Jovian Storm

Inner Visions
Fractal Music on a theme in D major

inner visions 1 inner visions 2
inner visions 3 inner visions 4

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