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º Martin Magee º Mooda
º Hurricane of Love º Cried in the Rain

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º Loves in the Air º Uncle Ernie
º Never Disappear º Guitar Man
º Here We Go Again º Angels


º Unity º Miami Nights
º Crusin' º Walking through Walls
º Angel Fingers

Generally, the music in the next three sections are in a progressive, off-the-wall, borderline style — a journey through different landscapes, especially "The Islands of Pluto", "Going Home", and "Ocean Song." Have patience; things change. CLOSE

dimensional Journey

1. Descent into Matter 2. Dream of a Water Baby
3. Childhood 4. Found
5. Wake Up 6. Transmutation
7. Heaven on Earth 8. Going Home

Oceans of Space

º Extraterrasonics º View of Io
º Lava Lakes of Mercury º Kayla's Lunar Caves
º Gardens of
º Islands of Pluto

The Infinite Native

º Infinite_Native º Slice of the Vortex
º Crystal Raindrops º Subterranean Fanfare
º CR2R º Ocean Song

ET Nature sounds (ambient)

1. Sunset on Triton 2. Neptunian Weather
3. Jovian Storm

Inner Visions
Fractal Music on a theme in D major

inner visions 1 inner visions 2
inner visions 3 inner visions 4

All songs © by Michael Lamas
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